Criminal defense

  • Are there case officers with a surprise inspection at your place?
  • Have You Been Summoned to an Investigation?
  • It would be hard for you to cope with this problems without the help of the professional defendor.

According to Russian law, a defender in criminal proceedings can be provided free of charge. Such a protection option can theoretically also be effective, but the probability of this is very small. The state pays scanty amounts to defenders for their intended purpose, only certain lawyers work for their intended purpose. In addition, it is not uncommon for the defendant to eventually realize that he has been provided with a lawyer that is convenient for the investigator. I, Oleg Moliboga, do not work as a lawyer by appointment, and I pay a special fee to the Lawyer’s Chamber, replacing the work by appointment. Normal, ordinary relations between the client and the principal are regulated by an agreement where the obligations of the parties and the lawyer’s fee are prescribed. Feeling anxious because of the events that take place, people sometimes lose their adequacy and agree to obviously inflated fees and believe the unfounded promises of unscrupulous persons, hoping for a miracle. And later they blame themselves for carelessness and write complaints about the defenders. I am categorically against such things and prefer to discuss both the prospects of the case and the possibilities of protection honestly. It is not a secret that the main efforts in a criminal case should be aimed at its termination or retraining before being transferred to court. The probability of success in court is significantly lower due to the established law enforcement practice. Therefore, it is important to focus on developing a defensive position as soon as the problem arises, and focus on protecting your rights and interests from the moment the preliminary examination or investigation begins. Over the years of practice, the practise has already constructed a certain understanding of the actions that need to be done and of approaches that should be applied in this or that case. Naturally, the law and the Code of attorney ethics prohibit guaranteeing one or another outcome of the case, but in our case you can be sure that all necessary and sufficient efforts will be made to achieve a positive result.

  • let’s analyze the situation
  • We predict its further development
  • Let’s focus on urgent measures
  • We will carry out a full-fledged defense in a criminal case
  • You will pay a pre-agreed reasonable reasonable fee


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