Real estate transaction

  • Are you buying or selling real estate?
  • Are you alarmed by the low price of the object or the identity of the seller or do you suspect a problem?
  • Are you making a deal on non-standard terms?
  • Do you feel that the realtor is only interested in his Commission, and not in the reliability of the transaction and the protection of your rights?
  • Use the services of professionals who think only about your interests and guarantees and provide them.

Despite the apparent simplicity and standardness of real estate transactions, in each of them (to varying degrees) there are elements of risk that threaten the execution of the transaction or may cause it to be challenged in the future. We have accumulated extensive experience in structuring transactions and conducting them before execution, we always analyze the tax and other consequences of transactions, the chosen form of their execution and the amounts indicated in the documents. You can be sure that the transaction accompanied by us will take place with the least tax burden and with the greatest guarantees for you as a party to it. We study the seller, the legal history of the object, previous transactions, develop recommendations on the optimal form and content of the contract. If necessary, we solve the problems that accompany or hinder transactions — the division of property, de-registration, eviction and others. The costs of a lawyer in a real estate transaction are incomparably small in comparison with the transaction price, while the value of such services is obvious — you pay for your peace of mind and confidence.

  • We will study the documents, request and receive everything necessary for the transaction
  • We will take part in negotiations with contractors
  • We will achieve maximum consideration of your interests and full execution of contracts
  • The cost of services — from 30,000 rubles per transaction


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