Recovery of debts

  • Is you borrower avoiding paying debt or interst on the debt?
  • Is the bank withdrawing money from your account?
  • Is the insurance company refusing to pay you?
  • Is the contractor refusing to fulfill the advance payment?
  • Do not postpone a visit to  lawyer!

Recovery of debts through the court, the recovery of losses and unjust enrichment.

Our company has the widest experience in any types of debt collection through the court (even in the executive procedure).

We analyze the opponent, take effective measures. We claim legal expenses from debtor.

To resolve the issue of debt collection, we usually analyze whether there are signs of a crime in the actions of the debtor. The initiation of a criminal case with subsequent recovery of damages by means of a civil claim in criminal proceedings often serves as a more effective method of recovery than the usual compensation claim in the civil process. Sometimes such a method may be the only possible one at all, for example, in cases where the relationship is designed in such a way that it is impossible to accurately establish their essence, or when a particular transaction is not supported by a sufficient amount of necessary evidence and the fact of the transfer of money needs to be proved not by written evidence, but by witness testimony or otherwise. In property disputes, securing a claim, that is, an arrest imposed before the dispute is resolved on the merits, can be very important. Often this is the only way to secure the defendant’s property from its withdrawal. When we are filing the complaints, we  analyze the issue of jurisdiction, and, thereafter, the future execution of the judgement. The range of circumstances to be proved is also determined, evidence is analyzed, measures to find and provide additional evidence that can help for the correct resolution of the case are taken. We never exclude the possibility of reaching an amicable agreement if the defendant is ready for it, we recommend reasonable compromises to clients, and we fix obligations in amicable agreements, which, in case of violation, will be enforced like ordinary court decisions. Drawing up a claim, we try to take all necessary measures to protect the property interests of the recoverer — we include penalty until the enforcement of the court decision in the text of the claim, we study the issue of recovery of losses in excess of the debt, we apply, where possible, a special court penalty or penalties provided by law imposed on the defendant in favor of the plaintiff. Property disputes, despite the apparent similarity, have many nuances, the knowledge of which allows you to achieve the desired result. After the decision is made, if necessary, we participate in the courts of higher instances appealing against it, and also provide effective assistance during the process of  the enforcement of the court decision by submitting to the bank or accompanying enforcement proceedings carried out by bailiffs.

  • We will promptly examine your situation
  • Assess the chances and give recommendations how to increase the odds
  • Preliminary consultation is free of charge
  • The cost of services of this category of cases is from 50 000 rubles


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