Divorce, division of property, disputes concerning the upbringing of children, alimony

  • Getting married?
  • Getting a divorce?
  • Dividing the property acquired in marriage?
  • Planning important deals?
  • Protect your rights and opportunities

Marriage and family relations and disputes arising from them are popular and widespread category of cases. Our experts are ready to represent  interests of the client in any dispute between the spouses (in the case of client’s wish – without his direct involvement). We organize peace negotiations and, if necessary, a trial. We have a significant experience of division of spouse’s property (also  in the field of entrepreneurship,  foreign assets).

  • Preliminary consultation is free of charge
  • The cost of services for this category of cases depends on the type of dispute
  • The cost of the divorce process is 50 000 rubles
  • For the recovery of alimony is from 50 000 rubles
  • For the division of joint property of spouses – from 75 000 rubles
  • Several claims in one lawsuit – from 100 000 rubles


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