Divorce, division of property, disputes concerning the upbringing of children, alimony

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  • Are you getting a divorce?
  • Are you dividing the marital property?
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Marriage and family relations and disputes arising from them is one of the most popular and widespread category of cases. Our experts are ready to represent  interests of the client in any dispute between the spouses (in the case of client’s wish we can do it without his direct involvement). We organize peace negotiations and, if necessary, a trial. We have a significant experience of division of spouse’s property (also  in the field of entrepreneurship,  foreign assets).

Judicial resolution of disputes of this kind has certain nuances that are not obvious at first glance, but are well known to professionals. Such knowledge can be put at the service of your interests. For example, disputes on the dissolution of marriage and the recovery of alimony are resolved by the magistrate’s court, and disputes on the division of property, disputes about children and the procedure for communicating with them are resolved by the federal court. The combination of different claims in one claim may affect the jurisdiction of the dispute. There is a possibility of filing a counterclaim in the magistrate’s court, which makes it possible to transfer the case to the district court. Similarly, when considering related claims, it is possible to raise the issue of allocating one of them or part of it to a separate proceeding, which allows, for example, to resolve the issue of divorce or alimony promptly, and in the future to divide the property in a calm mode. It’ s interesting that alimony can be taken without dissolving the marriage. In disputes about the dissolution of marriage, there is a period for reconciliation, which many people use to delay the case. This can be countered with a reasonable approach. There are also peculiarities in the field of alimony recovery. The law allows you to recover them from the moment you go to court, including the period before the decision is made. The period during which alimony can be collected retrospectively depends on many circumstances and requires a separate analysis. There are many subtleties in the division of family assets, if they are related to entrepreneurial activity. There are methods of blurring control and other tricks that allow you to devalue your spouse’s share in the business. But there are also mechanisms for equalizing such losses by collecting compensation from the guilty party.

An interesting question is the division of property in half or the allocation to one or another party of a particular property of comparable value with the elimination of the imbalance by compensation. Not every property can be divided in kind, it may happen that, following the results of the court, additional negotiations or lawsuits will be needed to turn into money what was received during the division. This also needs to be taken into account when choosing a behavior strategy. We gave here only a small part of the information that is important for winning in court. We are ready to analyze a specific case and represent your interests in disputes in this area.

  • Preliminary consultation is free of charge
  • The cost of services for this category of cases depends on the type of dispute
  • The cost of the divorce process is 50 000 rubles
  • For the recovery of alimony is from 50 000 rubles
  • For the division of joint property of spouses – from 75 000 rubles
  • Several claims in one lawsuit – from 100 000 rubles


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