Conducting a civil case

  • Has the civil suit already submitted to the court?
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  • Are you thinking up a way of winning it?
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Civil dispute – this is the most common category of cases in the real life. Former spouses, neighbors, debtors with creditors, consumers with firms, banks, insurance companies, developers are suing. Life presents lots of stories in which it’s hard to cope with problems without professional legal assistance.

The law doesn’t prohibit suing without an attorney, and any reasonable person, after some effort, will be able to work out some kind of legal position with the help of laws, the Internet and acquaintances, and perhaps even win or lose with the small losses. But this should not be done. It is better to entrust the case to a professional lawyer, with the help of whom the process will go efficiently and with greater chances of success. Over many years of practice, we have learned to evaluate the chances of success with normal reliability. Studying a controversial situation, it is always possible to predict how it relates to current judicial practice in a particular category of cases. The court is not looking for the truth, the court evaluates the positions of the parties and the evidence presented by the parties in the adversarial process, therefore their search, preparation and presentation are especially important.

We use different methods of obtaining and providing evidence in accordance with the law, we know what documents can and should confirm certain circumstances. After studying the client’s situation, we prepare a statement of claim or a response to the claim, and then conduct the case to the victorious end with or without your participation. We recommend all principals to attend the court personally, if they have the opportunity and desire. In some cases, we simply insist on this (when the identity of the party and its explanations directly in court may be important for resolving the dispute). The civil process is simple only in appearance. It has many subtleties related to delaying and postponing, initiating parallel processes and suspending the initial one. Unscrupulous parties use various tricks that only a professional lawyer can expose. We are good at both civil law and procedural subtleties, which allows clients to receive high-quality services and achieve success in the courts. At the same time, our prices for court management are within reasonable limits — for your money you get what is offered elsewhere for much more with comparable quality of services. The secret of the fact that we can offer normal prices is a lot of accumulated professional experience, teamwork and a good level of professional expertise of situations. We do not puff out our cheeks and do not develop an obvious question by the month, which some colleagues prefer to present after much thought as the discovery of the century. We talk honestly with the principals about the situation, express our opinion about the prospects of the case, and the clients themselves decide what to do.

  • Let’s study your case
  • We will work out the weaknesses of the opponents
  •  We will give recommendations on strengthening the position and achieving victory in court
  • The cost of doing business — from 30,000 rubles, preliminary consultation – free of charge


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